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Insane trick collage for Bike Race Free App
Desert, Hills, Beach, Savanna, Desert 2, Arctic 2
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– 2015 – ” ISLE OF MAN ” – TT – ✔ – ROAD_WARRIORS – ✔

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itunes► Belfast Child by Angela Little
2015 Isle of Man TT DVD►
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Video footage of the first ever bicycle pump track race held on 1 August 2015 at

The event was sponsored by Fox Racing ( and MoZamBik ( restaurant

On-site First Aid was provided kindly by the Ballito Rescue Unit

PA system and energy provided by Red Bull

Filmed by: Pete Kohne, Brode Vosloo, Travis Browning and Kelvin Purchase

Song used under a Creative Commons license:

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Street Racers VS Police Compilation INSANE FAIL & WIN

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Street Racers VS Police Compilation INSANE FAIL & WIN

Cops vs Cars and Police Chases 2016. This video has
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Future Bike and Pedal-Powered Generator Mechanism

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Designer / prototype maker: Genaro Tabag
Email : [email protected]

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Yamaha R1 vs Honda CBR1000RR – 150mph+ (w/ DoItWithDan)

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What is the fastest liter bikes? Who cares, but it’s cool to run em against each other for funsies! Yamaha R1 vs Honda CBR1000RR racing on the highway. It’s a pretty even race, with the CBR and its stock gearing pulling away on the top end. Had a cop nearly spoil the fun, but all was well :)

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If you are planning on going off the grid and heard that a bicycle generator is the pathway to living off the grid then you need to watch this video. I show you how my generator is a part of my off the grid setup and how it contributes very little to my overall needs.

Pros: You do save a little money on your bill, you get alot of exercise, and it is a good emergency backup for small items around the house.

Cons: Expensive to put a complete kit together that will power even a small laptop. An hour of biking is a lot of work. There is no miracle way to bike your way to free energy.

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