Yamaha R1 vs Honda CBR1000RR – 150mph+ (w/ DoItWithDan)

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What is the fastest liter bikes? Who cares, but it’s cool to run em against each other for funsies! Yamaha R1 vs Honda CBR1000RR racing on the highway. It’s a pretty even race, with the CBR and its stock gearing pulling away on the top end. Had a cop nearly spoil the fun, but all was well :)

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If you are planning on going off the grid and heard that a bicycle generator is the pathway to living off the grid then you need to watch this video. I show you how my generator is a part of my off the grid setup and how it contributes very little to my overall needs.

Pros: You do save a little money on your bill, you get alot of exercise, and it is a good emergency backup for small items around the house.

Cons: Expensive to put a complete kit together that will power even a small laptop. An hour of biking is a lot of work. There is no miracle way to bike your way to free energy.

Bike Race Cash Generator


Bike Race Cash Generator

INSANE Motorcycle VS Cops Chase Biker After Stunt Bike Rider Tags Cop Car With An “I Don’t Stop For Cops” Sticker Police Chases Motorcycle Then Biker Gets Instant Karma After Big Bike Crash Epic Fail While Running From The Cops Caught On Video Tape 2016!!! Watch as cop chase goes horribly wrong after police chase motorcycle that runs away from the cops. Police car attempt to stop stunt bike after the stunt rider plasters an “I Don’t Stop For Cops” sticker on the side of an Oakland, CA PD police officers brand new patrol SUV police car as stunter rides past cops car on busy public road caught on camera 2016. Police chasing motorcycle chase ends very badly for stunt riding motorcycle stunt rider. Street bike stunt rider messes with cops & gets instant karma street bike fails while running away from police car during high speed chase resulting in big bike crash. Motorcycle crashes badly in epic fail while trying to getaway from police the accident & aftermath of the wreck is caught on video camera. This video is action packed from start to finish watch raw unedited footage of this insane motorcycle police chase. Motorcycle stunt bike rider messes with cops by putting an “I don’t stop for cops” sticker on the side of cops car while riding by passing the police cruiser driving down public roadway in Oakland, CA. Immediately after, the cop car begins chasing the stunt bike rider in high speed hot pursuit of the motorcyclist illegally riding like a mad man. The police SUV takes off with lights flashing and sirens blazing after motorcycle attempts to getaway from the cops. Stunt biker flees the scene of the crime eluding police after illegally tagging cops squid car with Blox Starz sticker. Even more amazingly the rider still evades cops even after the street bike rider wrecks bad. The sport bike stunt rider runs away from the cops flying tough traffic at high speeds out running all law enforcement vehicle chasing the motorbike. It looks like the street bike stunt rider is going to get away from the police when all of a sudden the motorcycle rider crashes very hard smashing into a curb at high speeds resulting in big bike accident. The impact from the bikers wreck sends both bike and it’s rider tumbling down the street flipping both motorbike an it’s rider multiple times. After crashing the rider jumps to his feet immateriality and then attempts to restart his motorcycle. Unfortunately the motorcycle well not start as a result of damage caused by the big bike crash. The motorcycle wreck gives the police chasing biker time to catch up. With nothing else to do, the biker fruitlessly tries to grab onto the back of another bikers motorcycle in an attempt to get his wrecked motorcycle towed in order to bump start his wrecked bike. When the biker realizes this simply isn’t going to workout and his bike well not restart the rider chooses to ditch the stunt bike. The motorcyclist then catches a ride on another stunt bike riders motorcycle and both riders take off, leaving the wrecked bike behind. The good Samaritan stunter then takes off outrunning all law enforcement vehicles chasing the motorcycles. The sport bike stunt rider shown crashing in this video clip gets away from the police and has never been caught or arrested for running away from the cops. Unfortunately his custom build stunt street bike was not as luck. The make and model of the sport bike that was ditched in this video clip is a 2003 to 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 or Ninja ZX6R sport bike setup an fully customized specifically for street motorcycle stunts and tricks such as riding wheelies, doing bike drifts, rolling long stoppies, & performing acrobatics stunts like switchback Christ. This video is a great reminder to always wear proper motorcycle protective safety gear such as full face motorcycle helmet, motorcycle riding gloves, leather or mess street bike jacket, vest, motorcycle boots, long riding pants, & visor for eye protection at all times whenever on two wheels or attempting to perform motorcycle stunts or tricks or even when planning to mess with cops an runaway from cops. Blox Starz TV owns all rights to footage featured in this video clip please do not copy or re upload this video clip without written permission from Blox Starz TV!!! Please SHARE & SUBSCRIBE To Blox Starz TV!!! Please enjoy & thank you for watching!!!

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Looking at the final 3 laps of the Dash 4 Cash Race promoted by CBR/. Great day of racing along with great weather.
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Motorcycle ACCIDENT Street Bike Riding Highchair Wheelie CRASHES FAILS CRASH VIDEO 2015

Bike Race Cash Generator

INSANE Motorcycle Accident Caught On Video Tape In 2015! Motorcycle stunt rider has epic fail while riding long highchair wheelie on the highway in Las Vegas, NV in 2015. Watch as a large group of street bike stunt riders cause chaos, taking over the streets, performing a compilation of illegal motorcycle stunts such as wheelies, stoppies, endos, front nose wheelies, drifts, and drifting on public road till something goes terribly wrong resulting in huge stunt bike crash on busy freeway. Extreme freestyle motorcyclist riding long wheelies at high speed on the highway crashes nearly taking out another sport bike rider in the process. The street bike stunt rider is attempting a trick called a highchair wheelie. This is where a motorcycle stunt riders sits on the gas tank or his motorcycle with both feet over the handlebars while at the same time riding a wheelie balancing on only the rear wheelie. The motorcycle rider is taking part in what is known as a street stunt ride this is when large packs of stunt riders meet up to tear up the streets, roads, and highways of major cities across the United States performing illegal stunts and tricks sometimes even running from the cops. The make and model of motorbike featured crashing in video clip is a 2003 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ZX636 stunt bike customized for doing insane street stunts and tricks as seen in this video tape. Blox Starz TV owns all rights to video footage seen above this is original video footage captured on camera in 2015!

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Bicycle Generator – demonstrates pedal power

Bike Race Cash Generator

Bicycle Generator - demonstrates pedal power

A bicycle powered generator built at Cabrillo College with help from a National Science Foundation grant and students Frank Aidnik, Cory Dominguez, and Luis Sonsino. It can power either 12 VDC or 110 VAC appliances. We use it to teach energy science. You can see detailed photos at http://picasaweb.google.com. (Search for Cabrillo College Energy Bike.) For more information, contact John Welch at the Cabrillo College Physics Dept.
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Permanent Magnet Motor Used as a Pedal Power Bicycle Generator Dynamo

Bike Race Cash Generator

from http://pedalpowergenerator.com Pedal Power experiment conducted on the Leeson M1120046 DC permanent Magnet Motor to find out how fast a person needs to pedal to get 12 to 15 Votls DC output needed to charge lead acid deep cycle batteries or powerpack. Experiment performed by Brad at pedalpowergenerator.com This DIY video shows you how to create a DC Voltage output curve of the Leeson Model M1120046 permanent magnet DC motor used as a bicycle generator. Data is collected on a test fixture with a 1 horse power variable speed drive motor that simulates a person pedaling a bicycle at different speeds. The speed is measured by a tachometer and DC volt meter and then put into Microsoft excel to create a generator voltage output curve vs. pedal speed Miles per hour M.P.H.

ASE - SBG-300w Stationary Bicycle Generator

The SBG-300w-CC-12v-110v statioary bike generator includes a Charge Control port, a 12v Regulated socket, and a 110v AC 3 prong outlet.

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Bike Race [HACK] All Tournament Bikes + Ultra, Super And Kidsbike!

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Bike Race Tournament Hack

Hey Guys,
Tournament Bikes Hack For Android 😀

This Hack is Made by: BikeRaceJ
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his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BikeRaceJ

Things to know: (READ!)
1. People that have the official Bike Race Pro app, you guys will loose your previous TournamentBikes..

-OR you have root- install titanium backup from playstore, backup the data off BikeRacePro delete the app install my apk OPEN it, restore data via Titanium Backup and its ok! -But people that don’t have root will loose them, you guys can try helium backup (pc needed) but i’m not sure that this will work.

2. You can’t use these bikes in tournament, in multiplayer they will see the ghost as the bike i replaced.

3. People that already did ever a hack off my, don’t worry with loosing your bikes in tournaments, you will still have them.

4. Not sure you did a hack off my? just try to install the apk, if you have any error, read 1^

5. The Bikes work only when you have 48 stars + a tournament account.

6. If you have a bike like agile soul and use it in tournament people will see santa bike!


|Download link HERE: Zippyshare: http://adf.ly/1MmVeA

(Download is Safe)

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Bike Race – Cheat | No Root | Deutsch/German

Bike Race Cash Generator

Bike Race apk
Download: http://q.gs/7WHbD
Geld mit Apps verdienen | https://youtu.be/ECWtQ-Wm1QE

►Clash of Clans Cheat► http://youtu.be/ECWtQ-Wm1QE
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Hi all – awesome announcement – I’ve decided to start giving away the Ghost and Super Bike Mastery Guides for FREE! Instructions here! http://tinyurl.com/FreeBikeGuides

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Bike Race Cash Generator

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